Retired teacher charged with touching teen

GALESBURG — A retired Abingdon High School teacher is charged with felony criminal sexual abuse of a teen male.

George L. Flinner, 74, allegedly “by use of force, placed his hand on the penis of” a 17-year-old male Nov. 25, according to a police report. The case was investigated by Abingdon police, and a warrant was filed for Flinner’s arrest Dec. 15. A warrant is issued after evidence or testimony is presented to a judge by a prosecutor who can be accompanied by members of the investigating law enforcement agency. The judge, in this case, then made a ruling of probable cause and set bail at $10,000, $1,000 needed to get out of jail, with the warrant.

The warrant was served on Flinner, and he was booked into the Knox County jail. Since Flinner’s arrest, another person came forward with allegations of an interaction between them and Flinner in 1994. Abingdon police are encouraging anyone with information or suspicious incidents, no matter how old the incidents are, to come forward by calling 343-9151.


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