WATCH: Teacher trying to break up fight is assaulted as kids stand by


A North Bergen High School teacher was assaulted shortly after dismissal earlier this month in an incident that was recorded and posted on social media, authorities said.

The teacher, described as a longtime history teacher at the school, was walking to his car at the end of the school day when he saw two girls fighting about two blocks away from the school, a North Bergen police spokesman said.

While trying to break up the fight, the teacher was attacked from behind, punched, thrown to the ground and then kicked in the face, the video shows. The short recording also shows only one person — of the dozens that apparently were there to watch the fight — coming to the teacher’s aid during the attack.

Based on the video, North Bergen police arrested Luis A. Flores, 19, of Union City, on Dec. 11 and charged him with aggravated assault and riot. One week after the incident, Flores pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of disorderly persons, a source with knowledge of the incident said.

The criminal complaint said the teacher, who was not identified, suffered bruises, but he declined medical attention.

In addition, two girls and one boy, all minors — who were involved in the initial fight – were arrested and charged with disorderly persons, said North Bergen spokesman J.P. Escobar, who also noted that Flores does not attend the school and never attended.

North Bergen school administrators said they “would like the public to rest assured that the safety of the students at North Bergen High School has never been better. This was an unfortunate and isolated incident off school grounds and not indicative of the conduct of the majority of the student body at the High School and throughout the district.”

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