Former TLDSB teacher, convicted sex offender faces misconduct charges

— Committed acts that are regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional

— Engaged in conduct unbecoming

Kawartha Lakes police began an investigation on March 4, 2014, after they received a complaint from Trillium Lakelands District School Board regarding an adult having an inappropriate text conversation with a secondary school student. The OPP’s technological crime unit and internet child exploitation unit, along with Barrie police and the RCMP helped with the investigation. Three male victims were identified.

College documents state that two of the alleged victims were under the age of 18, while one was under the age of 16. Bradley did not teach any of the students and police reported that none of the victims were in the school board district.

In March of 2014, the mother of the youngest boy discovered that her son was having sexual conversations via electronic media with the Bradley, who was 57 at the time. After making the discovery, the mother contacted the local police, the school and the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service.

A police investigation ensued where Bradley’s computer and other electronic devices were seized and analyzed. Police investigation revealed that Bradley had a Skype message log with three victims.

Specifically, the investigation revealed that on or about November, 2013, Bradley contacted the third and youngest victim, who was under the age of 16, on the internet and asked that he communicate with him via Skype. The victim told Bradley he was a different, undisclosed age.

Bradley then made a number of inappropriate communications to the victim, including: “Wish you were a lot closer,” “Home alone?” Can you Skype?” “Can I look at you?” and, “Can you go to your room?”

Bradley sent the victim three photographs of his penis. The pair continued to have sexually explicit conversations via Skype and Bradley tried to arrange to meet with the boy for sex. College documents state that during the Skype video sessions, Bradley would masturbate for the victim and request that he masturbate for him.

In January of 2014, Bradley asked the victim to send him a photograph of his erect penis. The victim complied.

On April 1, 2014, Kawartha Lakes police charged Bradley with three counts of luring a child, possession of child pornography, making sexually explicit material available to a child and exposure to a person under the age of 16. More than two years later, Bradley pleaded guilty to one count of luring a child and one count of making sexually explicit material available to a child for his involvement with victim three. The Crown withdrew the remainder of the criminal charges.

When facts were read in at the Sept. 12, 2016 court date, the victim’s mother said her son was not able to speak for himself because of what Bradley’s actions had done to him. She said Bradley’s actions had “fractured” their family and her son was hospitalized for suicidal feelings, while her husband and the boy’s father, questioned his worth as a husband and a father.

“He has severely injured our family,” she said of Bradley. “Just like a drunk driver; the internet was his vehicle and he had the keys …[he] stole our son’s innocence.”

Defence counsel argued that Bradley had lost his wife of 31 years and several close family members in a short time frame, after which he “came undone.” Medical reports revealed a number of diagnosed mental illnesses, including, bipolar disorder, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Further medical assessment did not indicate that Bradley suffers from pedophilia.

In addressing the court, Bradley said he was a teacher for 30 years, married for 31, was a longtime churchgoer, had the respect of his family and friends and had “never been involved in anything like this.” He added that with mental health diagnosis and appropriate medication, he was getting better and hoped that the family could forgive him.

Bradley’s intermittent sentence enabled him to serve his time in jail from Thursday morning until Saturday evenings. Depending on the times Bradley had to report to the jail and was discharged on Saturday, his intermittent sentence could have lasted anywhere from eight to 10 months. This would mean Bradley completed his intermittent jail sentence anywhere between May 2017 and July 2017.

College documents state that as of June 3, 2015, Bradley’s status with the college was administratively suspended for failure to pay fees. On April 12, 2017, Bradley advised the College he had retired from the board.

If found guilty of professional misconduct, the discipline committee will determine and impose the appropriate order. Such orders may include:

— Revoking a member’s certificate

— Suspending a certificate for up to 24 months

— Imposing specific terms, limitations or conditions on a certificate

— Reprimanding, admonishing or counselling the teacher

— Fining the member up to $5,000

— Publishing the findings in a manner considered appropriate

— Fixing costs to be paid by the member

— Fixing a period during which the member is ineligible for reinstatement or variation of the committee’s order

A hearing date where Bradley will face a disciplinary committee at the Ontario College of Teachers in Toronto has yet to be determined.

Due to the holiday season, the board did not respond immediately for comment. More information will be reported as it comes available.

With files from Mary Riley


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