There’s new trouble for a paramedic charged with helping himself to an unconscious seizure victim

A 19-year-old California woman seeks $1 million in damages from the city of Sacramento in an alleged groping incident from April of last year.

The victim, who is unnamed at this time, says she was unconscious and strapped to a gurney in an ambulance when paramedic Jared David Evans groped her. At the time of the incident, she was being transported to a South Sacramento hospital shortly after suffering a seizure, according to the Sacramento Bee.

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Evans was accompanied by an unnamed paramedic intern, who submitted a complaint shortly after the alleged incident. The complaint — and subsequent warrant for Evans’ arrest — detailed that Evans had gestured at the 19-year-old’s breasts as she laid on the gurney before molesting her.

Evans… placed his hand down the front of [the victim’s] shirt and pulled her breast out of the top of her shirt/bra and said, ‘those are some big a** [sic] nipples.’

After allegedly groping the woman, Evans then turned to the intern in the ambulance with him and apologized, according to court documents, adding “Sorry man, I had to.” At the time of the alleged sexual battery, the victim says she did not move or open her eyes but could make out what the paramedics were saying. She told detectives that she felt a hand pull one of her breasts from her shirt but did not see who did it.

Evans turned himself in on an arrest warrant in June. A two-year member of the Sacramento Fire Department, he faces a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, according to FOX40. He has denied the charges; an attorney for Evans says he looks forward to his client being “exonerated by a jury.”

His court date is set for January 16th; if convicted, Evans could face six months in prison.

The victim is still in psychological treatment since the incident, according to her attorney, Alex Gortinsky. He told the Sacramento Bee that his client “feels akin to a rape victim” and “hasn’t quite been able to overcome the situation.”

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