Acting Principal freed on sex charge: Parents want him gone

The acting principal of a primary school in San Fernando freed on a charged of grievous sexual assault on a child in 2013, showed up at school on Monday, and was met by protest from parents.

Parent Marie Dyer said neither the Ministry of Education nor the Teaching Service Commission can legally remove the senior teacher, but said his return was “morally and ethically wrong.”

“We have taken this stance and will continue. This is a question of moral and ethics. He should not be in the school. From what we understand the (school board) has released him and he can now apply for a transfer. But what we want is for him to have some kind of desk job away from children,” she said.

Another parent said that given the teacher’s new work position, he now has the authority to call upon any pupil or staff.

The parent said, “we don’t know what can happen when he has access to call upon anyone and we worry about this.”

Dyer said children at the school are confused over the entire situation.

She said, “We have had to explain to children about this teacher. They are confused because my child asked if the teacher wanted to shake his hand if he could and I had to tell him he should absolutely not touch the teacher.”

The group of protesters wore white and yellow T-shirts with the teacher’s photo when he was charged with the crime.

Parents have raised the matter with the Ministry, Teaching Service Commission and the school’s board and a petition has been signed for the teacher’s removal or transfer.

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