RUSH HOUR: Kid’s brutal response to Christmas homework

Teen punished by school after donating hair to cancer patients

A teenage girl who shaved her head for charity was put in isolation because the act “broke school rules”.

Naimh Baldwin, 14, shaved off her long blonde hair to raise money for the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for cancer survivors.

But despite her generous act, she was punished by her school, Mounts Bay Academy in England because her new haircut didn’t meet uniform policy.

Her mum Anneka has slammed the school for their decision, claiming her daughter is being “unfairly punished”.

“I am so upset that the school has made her feel so low and put her into isolation because her hair needs to be one centimetre longer,” she told Cornwall Live.

“Niamh has always had outstanding reports and feedback from all of her teachers and everyone I know and she meets always says she is an amazingly polite and lovely girl.

“This doesn’t change because of a hair style and to me it is discrimination. I’m actually fuming.”

But the school isn’t backing down, stating that boys are allowed nothing shorter than a ‘Grade Two’ clipper cut, were ‘very clear’.

“Extreme haircuts including head shaving have never been allowed and this is common for schools across the UK,” head teacher Sara Davey said.

“All students know school policy and they also know the consequence.”

Man assaulted with golf club in Melbourne

A man was taken to hospital in a serious condition yesterday after being beaten with a golf club in Melbourne.

The attack happened in broad daylight, with the man hit in the head outside a busy St Kilda restaurant yesterday afternoon.

The man, in his 20s, was reportedly treated by paramedics before being rushed to St Alfred Hospital with serious head injuries.

A witness who was in the area at around 3.50pm told the Herald Sun that he could hear people screaming for help.

“People starting screaming, come here, come here, we need help, call police,” he said.

“People were attending to a man lying on the ground. People were applying bandages all over his head, there was so much blood.”

Victoria police confirmed that they attended the scene following the alleged assault and the offender is now in custody.

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Retailer slammed over ‘sexist’ washing instructions

A mother was left fuming after finding instructions on her teenage daughter’s hat that read: “Give this to your mum, she’ll wash it”.

University manager Sian Robson concedes the advice is tongue-in-cheek but is nevertheless calling on retailer Missguided to remove it — after being alerted to it by 13-year-old Caitlin.

Sian, from Ashford, Kent, said: “At first I didn’t believe that a female fashion brand would put something like that on a product.

“My daughter told me to look at the washing instructions in her hat because they are awful. It’s not something you would expect to see.

“I know they’re trying to be funny but it’s a bit naff.

“Although the hat is for adults, a lot of their customers are young teens. They should be encouraging them and showing them that men can also do the household chores.

“I understand it was probably just a joke but I think it is quite insensitive. Especially in this day and age, it isn’t the ’60s anymore.

“I’m sure that a lot of men and dads would admit that they also help with the washing — it isn’t something to be embarrassed about.”

On their website, Missguided claim their mission is to “empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be”.

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Perth backpackers apologise to Australia

The backpackers, who overdosed after ingesting a white powder in Perth last week, have issued an apology to Australia.

The nine foreign nationals were rushed to hospital five days ago following a mass overdose inside a Victoria Park home.

“It was the most stupid mistake we probably ever did in our lives,” one male backpacker said.

The incident occurred after the group discovered a white powder in the mailbox, which they thought was cocaine.

Lab tests revealed that it was actually Hyoscine, a motion sickness medicine that has been known to be illegally used as a date rape drug.

Within five minutes the travellers were paralysed and hallucinating and luckily a friend arrived in time to call an ambulance.

The last of the nine backpackers has been in a critical condition for five days. On Sunday morning he woke up, and is now stable.

The group has said they will pay for their medical costs.

“Of course we have to pay for the mistake that we did. There’s no point that the taxpayers have to pay for us, it is our mistake,” one said.

“Thanks to Australia, thanks to all the people that were in some way close to us during this time. And sorry again.”

One added: “Don’t do it. Don’t take drugs.”

The nine backpackers who overdosed on a date-rape drug in Victoria Park in Perth have issued an apology to Australia.

‘Aussie flu’ outbreak prompts handshake ban from churches

A severe outbreak of ‘Australian flu’ in the UK, which has caused the worst flu season seen in decades, had led to some of Northern Ireland’s churches banning handshakes during services.

The H3N2 virus, commonly referred to as the ‘Aussie flu’, has spread across the UK and Ireland in recent weeks.

According to Public Health England, the number of people hospitalised from the virus has almost tripled in the past week from 1280 to 3750.

The office of Bishop Noel Treanor released a statement informing people of the new no-handshake rule and encouraging parishioners to practise good hygiene.

“Having received medical advice concerning the increasing risk and impact of Australian flu, the diocese of Down and Connor has decided to reactivate … precautionary measures originally established by the diocese in response to the swine flu epidemic in 2009,” the statement said.

“The customary sign of peace handshake exchanged during mass is suspended until the risk of infection is significantly reduced.”

Teen charged over destructive VIC bushfire

A teenage girl charged with starting a bushfire in Melbourne’s southeast faces an angry backlash from the community over what police have described as reckless behaviour.

It took more than 300 firefighters to contain the blaze in Carrum Downs, which badly damaged a family home on Darnley Drive and put the entire street at risk on Saturday.

A 15-year-old Carrum Downs girl has been charged with intentionally starting a bushfire.

She has been bailed to appear before a children’s court at a later date. “It was an intentional and deliberately lit fire,” assistant commissioner Deb Abbott told reporters on Sunday.

Ms Abbott said investigators were able to identify the suspected firebug with the help of concerned members of the public.

“Fortunately, and in most cases of fire arson, it is the community that provides us the breaks in these types of cases,” she said.

“The community has an extraordinarily low tolerance for this behaviour.”

Police declined to comment on how the fire began other than to say it started among flora and fauna at Blue Wren Rise just before 3pm on Saturday, a day authorities had declared a total fire ban as temperatures across the state soared above 40C.


A video still from Channel 7 footage of the Carrum Downs fire. Source: 7 News Melbourne Twitter

A video still from Channel 7 footage of the Carrum Downs fire. Source: 7 News Melbourne TwitterSource:Supplied

Kid’s brutal response to Christmas homework

Doing homework is not something that many kids enjoy doing, particularly when you have to do it over the Christmas break.

So when one child was told that he finally had to do his English homework that he had left until the last minute he didn’t hold back on how he felt about the issue.

Lisa Vale posted a picture of her seven-year-old son Angus’s homework to Twitter, after he had completed it in the sassiest way possible.

He was tasked with creating sentences that had to include one of the following words: over, one, little, can, two, that, out, said, off and three.

Angus, clearly upset with having to do any homework at all, decided to get a bit creative with his responses.

Sydney smashes heat records

Sydney sweltered through its hottest day in almost 80 years yesterday, with the temperature reaching 47.3C in Penrith.

The Bureau of Meteorology initially announced Penrith’s temperature was the highest ever recorded in Sydney but later clarified that they had missed a 47.8C day recorded in Richmond in 1939.

It was still Penrith’s hottest day on record, hitting 47.3C at 3.25pm, just moving past its previous record of 47C on February 11 last year.

A total fire ban was issued for the Greater Sydney and Hunter regions as the record heatwave swept through the area.

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