Former Olathe South teacher pleads guilty to unlawful sexual relations with student

A former Olathe Schools teacher and coach charged this summer with having an unlawful sexual relationship with a student has pleaded guilty.

Michael Jasiczek appeared in Johnson County District Court on Wednesday and waived his right to a jury trial.

In June, Johnson County prosecutors charged Jasiczek with three felony counts of unlawful sexual relations with a female student. School officials had reported allegations of impropriety to police in May, when they placed the social science teacher and assistant football coach on administrative leave.

He was later terminated.

Jasiczek pleaded guilty to engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse and lewd touching with a student over the age of 16. A third fondling charge was dropped as part of a plea agreement.

Prosecutors identified the relationship as consensual. Though the age of consent in Kansas is 16, state law makes it a felony for schoolteachers and other authority figures to have sexual relationships with students at the same school.

A sentencing date has been scheduled for March.

Charging documents state that Jasiczek began an inappropriate relationship with the student by giving the student his phone number and then encouraging her to text him assignments that could be used for extra credit. At some point, his text messages became sexually explicit.

In early 2017, when the student visited his classroom, Jasiczek put a chair under the door handle and touched the student on her lips, face and body. He continued this behavior in his office, and on one occasion penetrated the student with his fingers.

Another time, Jasiczek picked up the student for a drive in his car, touched her body and put his mouth on her lips.

Jasiczek had been a teacher at Olathe South High School for more than a decade. He coached football, ran a weightlifting club and was called “Coach Jazz” by students and staff.

School leaders learned of Jasicsek’s behavior from a parent who reported that his daughter’s friends had observed the student texting Jasiczek. Another teenager reported walking in on Jasiczek and the student in an odd position in Jasiczek’s classroom. The student had her leg up in front of Jasiczek, who was seated at the time.

Though the student initially denied having a relationship with Jasiczek, she later told a school resource officer about the relationship.

The relationship was like that of a boyfriend and girlfriend, she told the officer, but she felt manipulated and overwhelmed by her teacher.

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